Gallstone Processing and Export in Nigeria; the Opportunity.

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Published: 18th January 2011
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Just like oil palm tree, all the parts of a cow are useful and important in one way or the other, from the horn on their head to the hoof on the feet. Another product which is gotten from the gall bladder of cow is gallstone. This actually occurs as an infection.

Gallstone (Bezoar Bovis) is a clay-like solid substance, golden brown in colour when dry and fully processed. It is about the size of a peanut and sometimes can be as big as a pigeonís egg. They are used in the production of medicinal products usually in advanced countries like USA, Canada, UK and Asian countries.

Because they are used in the medical field, they must be well preserved in order to maintain the integrity of the original content and in order to preserve the product, the following steps would have to be taken.

1. The gallstone MUST be bought wet and thoroughly processed by drying.
2. Immediately it is purchased, before the drying commences, it must be protected by keeping it in a very airy and well ventilated place. The wet gallstone will become mouldy and lose it value if not exposed to natural air on time.
3. If the gallstone starts developing mouldy dew, do not wash with chemicals as this would totally destroy it.


Before the product would be shipped to the buyer, they need to be well dried and the following steps are advised.

1. The gallstone should be dried thoroughly in an airy place
2. Avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight as this can decolourize the product.
3. Drying gallstone requires a lot of carefulness due to the fragile nature of the product and at such care must be taken to avoid breakage which would reduce the selling price of the product.

A lot of willing, ready and able buyers are available, sourcing the product from Nigeria and other countries around the world.

The international price of the product ranges around $8 - $15 / gram and the investor can make between 10% - 30% per transaction return on investment depending on where he/she sources the product in Nigeria and the country of destination of the product.

The business can be started with N50, 000 and above which would cover the cost of sourcing and exporting the product.

At Foraminifera Venture, we also help overseas client to source the product locally and export same to them for a fee.

For a detailed analysis of the investment opportunities in gallstone trading, including the contact details of buyers and the packaging requirement, please do contact the writer.

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