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Published: 18th January 2011
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So much as been said about the abundance of rich mineral deposits in Nigeria with little or no emphasis on the other sectors like quality and quantity assurance and certification, where investors can invest and make good returns on there investment.

In one of my article which borders on the investment opportunities in the solid minerals industry in Nigeria, I mentioned about five {5} investment windows and one of such areas is offering of quality and quantity assurance and certification services especially on the local trading of the minerals in Nigeria.

Most of the quality and quantity assurance and certification companies working in Nigeria Cotecna, SGS, and BV Veritas are usually export oriented, that is , they focus more on goods that are scheduled for export and at such most of the operations and offices are located very close to the ports in the country while most of the goods for export as with the case of solid minerals comes from the Northern part of the country where they are no ports and by effect ,this creates a lot of problem for traders whom are only interested in trading the products locally because of the existence of international buyers in the ground.

Like you know, most of the mining activities in Nigeria is centered in Jos and at the moment the most credible quality and quantity assurance and certification firm in Nigeria is Nigeria Mining Cooperation {NMC} locate in Turdun Wada, Jos. They most handle the quality aspect while the quantity can be done in NASCO in Jos where they have a weigh bridge or weighing done with the use of a scale. I can remember some times last year, when we had to conduct a test on a sample and unfortunately the machine in NMC developed some technical fault and because they are the most trust worthy quality and quantity assurance and certification company {at least, that I know of} in Nigeria, we had to wait for weeks before the fault could be rectified and our samples tested.

For the benefit of those who need to know, an attempt would be made to define mineral and metal ore so that they would better understand the need for quality and quantity assurance and certification. Mineral is an inorganic substance found in nature with a characteristics chemical composition and in some cases, of definite crystal structure. The earth crust contains rocks of different composition with different physical properties, some hard, some soft.

Rocks are the materials which the earth's upper crusts are made of. Rocks are themselves composed of minerals. Minerals are naturally occurring elements like Gold, or a compound such as Iron Oxide. If a rock contains a mineral from which a metal can be extracted at a profit, it is call an Ore. For example, copper Ore.

Given the above, it is therefore important to conduct quality and quantity test in order to ascertain the true content by percentage of the particular mineral of interest and given the local need for a credible quality and quantity assurance and certification firm, the business is highly required and desired.
Other services that can be considered by the investor include grinding and packaging services.

There is no doubt that quality and quantity assurance and certification is essential to the successful conclusion of a transparent transaction in the mineral ore trading business and any investors that invest in the quality and quantity assurance and certification business would no doubt have a growing and sustainable market.

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